Monetize your restaurant's waste in a sustainable way

Dispose your cooking oil ensuring all the sanitary and environmental documentation you need.

Dispose your restaurant's waste in accordance with health and environmental regulations

  • End-to-end document traceability: Waste collections registered on our platform have all the necessary traceability and documentation to ensure the proper disposal of waste, in accordance with current legislation;
  • Safe transport of waste collections: Our collectors have health authorization that ensures correct transport of waste to one of the collection points;
  • Sustainable waste end-use: The partner collection points act to provide the correct destination for your waste. This way used cooking oil can be converted into green energy, for example.

Avoid the environmental impact of incorrect disposal

  • Proven final disposal of waste: Using our platform you guarantee that discarded cooking oil will be transformed into renewable energy;
    You will have documents proving the whole process for each collection and the final destination of the waste, as well as the purpose of its use;
  • Do not promote illegal discards: Delivering your oil to collectors that do not provide traceability can be dangerous. Is the disposal being done correctly? What is the final destination of this oil? What is the impact generated for the environment or third parties? What are the consequences for my restaurant if we are participating in improper waste disposal?
  • Discarding in the sink is not an option: Discarding your cooking oil down the sink has a huge environmental impact! UK authorities estimate that just 1 liter of used cooking oil being discarded down the sink can contaminate up to 1 million liters of water - almost half the capacity of an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Incorrect disposal of oil in restaurants can have a very significant impact!